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Graphic Giants: Adam Daily

Graphic Giants: Adam Daily

Adam Daily, originally from Philadelphia, relocated to New York to focus on his studies as a bold visual artist, making a statement on the art scene in 2011 after being awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in Digital/ Electronic Arts.

His large-scale paintings explore “geometric explorations of colour, shape, and space”. However his process strays away from the traditional discipline; Daily uses an acrylic spray to block in colours, working from dark to light. The acrylic adheres to a PVC board acting as a canvas, this culminates in a smooth, sharp, print-like aesthetic compared to the normal canvas and paint brush. The severe edges and opacity of each block of colour gesture towards a graphic and digital quality, “I set-out to create a painting with mechanical precision, implementing a process of manufacture designed to yield a finished object which appears to be produced without human interaction”.

Daily states in “Each finished piece begins with a drawing composed of hundreds of individual isometric shapes assembled and guided by a set of self-imposed visual rules. Though both methodical and intentional, my drafting and iterative editing processes allow for variation and play”.

His most recent project is a large-scale mural commissioned by the City of New Rochelle, New York.

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